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Why I Write…

How I learn self-care by observing

Taking a pause from my New Health Manifesto series today to give you a look inside at the machinations and motivations that spark me to write and share something every week. And boy, has that reason changed over the years…

My Great-grandfather, William T. Ellis, was an author in the early 1900s. Technically, he was a blogger before that was a thing. He had a syndicated column that ran every Sunday where he mused about the spiritual life; ponderings, lessons, and joys.

I always thought that was the coolest thing. To live a life of contemplation and expression with the intention of serving the whole.


Body, Mind & Spirit

My focus usually circles back to our personal connection to health and wellness. This is not only because of the encyclopedia of facts collected about natural medicine and its workings inside my noggin’ but also what is in my heart. I realized long ago that vitality is a spiritual principle and that has remained amazing to me.

Watching how the material world comes together in that divine order is what I pay attention to and what I trust in. Even when it seems like it’s not!

When I discovered Chinese Medicine in the early 90s, I felt a hum in my system. As if I knew it already, or that a Truth, that’s a capital T, was there in the Daoist foundations of it. So I followed the winding road of observation and it led me into studying those roots. This brought me to the door of The Gene Keys and a language of connection to these principles.

The quest for vitality inside every person has created a spectrum of topics within the wellness field that has sparked my interest and has inevitably led to higher levels of Holistic Resilience within me.

Even when things seem like they are a mess, I come back to this pervasive idea of completeness rather than something that is broken needing to be fixed.

It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way.

– Claude Monet


The Observer Completes the Painting

The book of our lives has plenty of chapters devoted to pain, connection, and healing; and writing is one of the ways I process that, and it simply helps me.

Sometimes my writing is unshared in solitude, but then there’s this. This shared mirror with you reading – that’s a precious gift. So thank you for that.

I had an art mentor who told me, the observer completes the painting. She meant that the work would have a life of its own in the heart of others and it’s not for me to coerce that viewpoint, only to expand it.

Yes, I have services to sell and a practice to share. Yet, I find when I’m less driven by wanting you to get something, the more connected I feel to the process. When I share any kind of insight with another person in my work, whether in a session, a workshop, or even in the comments on a post, I get reminded of what matters most and that the tools are there for me too.

As a teacher, I love seeing the lights come on. I feel it’s part of the job to attempt to generate an understanding of the material, but ultimately, I’m not here to define how you feel about it.


We discover what’s right for us slowly and by trial and error.

Experiencing this astonishing information age together, I realize there’s a call for us to get really good at discerning what we’ll allow to influence our choices. I believe it’s important to touch that inner sanctum of deep knowing inside ourselves that surpasses advertising and fake fear. And sometimes in that ruckus, I just forget.

My highest aspiration is to grow that discernment together.

So in all that noise and glitter, thank you for taking the time to listen to my little sound, deciding how it resonates, and for being part of this collective journey we’re on.

Here’s to Shared Expression!