Holy Basil Tulsi in the Sun

Who is the “Queen of Herbs”?

And why you want her to guard your health!

I can just hear it now, “I tried Tulsi – it didn’t do anything!”This is a common error when people try herbs. Adaptogens like Ocimum sanctum, commonly known as Tulsi Rama, really need to be taken long-term to let their gifts shine. It’s a simple misunderstanding of how to relate to them.

Listen here to learn how to avoid this common mistake.


Are you willing to meet The Queen halfway?

A plant with an honorific for thousands of years in India, known as THE QUEEN OF HERBS, has got to have something special about it, right?

Tulsi or Holy Basil, botanically known as Ocimum, is what we categorize in modern herbal traditions as an ADAPTOGEN. Each adaptogen has a different personality. Tulsi has three! Three varieties of Holy Basil make up a type of Holy Trinity.

Are you willing to make her more like a family member, and be a guardian of sorts?


Herbs that build resilience are taken over longer periods of time.

Adaptogens are an amazing category of medicinal plants that are safe and proven to balance our response to stress and create resilience over time. Ideally,we commune with plants like these in the spirit of gratitude and reverence for the benefits and protection they offer. This intention and connection are what change the amount of benefits you see.

Juiced, infused in water, honey, or vinegar, as a topical poultice, essential oil; every part of this Queen is generous and will provide many benefits if we remain intentional, showing up as both physical and psychological steadiness.

Tulsi is highly protective. Not by drinking one cup, but by overtime having a relationship with the plant in a mindful way, every day for a season- a year- or more.


Revering Holy Basil as “protector of thresholds” is not silly superstition.

This plant is scientifically proven to protect the body (especially the skin) from some heavy metal exposures and to enhance recovery from external stressors.

Like these people at a wedding in India in this image above, let’s put Holy Basil and other adaptogens up on a pedestal. In some traditions, Ocimum sanctum is considered a special guest and is revered in daily ceremony.

What’s your ceremony?

I’m not asking you to sell your belongings and become a plant worshipper. I am proposing we take a look at how little we respect plants in our medicinal culture.

This can change now into something inspirational and imaginative, influenced by YOUR culture. Begin your shiftby placing a Holy Basil plant on your threshold.

How you treat herbs changes the benefits you see.


An Invitation for you

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