Sleeping in the collective unconscious

How Do I Get to Sleep?

3 insomnia tools to reconnect body and soul

If preventing disease and feeling centered is your intention, then getting support for insomnia patterns is a high priority. Getting ...
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Is Stress Making Me Sick?

Recognize the Signs and What To Do About It

Have you caught a glimpse in the mirror and noticed you looked a little ragged around the edges? You already get it; stress can wear you out. It affects us all in different ways. B
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2 Albatross touching beaks with an energy of kindness

The Gift of Making Amends in Recovery

3 questions I learned to ask before saying ‘I’m Sorry’

I went to a funeral this week and found myself reminiscing with relief. It was a walk down memory lane on a broken old road, but gratefully many of the potholes had been repaired a
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heart center made of rock

Preparing for Good Decisions

A de-cluttering tool that clears my mind

I’m on a sabbatical of sorts. I’ve taken this year to experiment and explore. I’m open to discovering the possibilities unfolding in what I’d consider to be the third phase
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