What if I told you that 80% of your illnesses are “turned on” by unhealthy stress? Would you do something about it?

“I have no choice, it’s the world we live in!”. I hear people say this ALL THE TIME. But that is not correct, and I’m not signing that agreement.

You do have a choice.

Stress is an inside job. This is the deep stuff that some people don’t want to look at. Yet you hold the key to massive transformation by learning to manage physical and emotional stress.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix.

Managing stress so you live healthier and happier is not fabricated by a simple pill or gadget. It’s going to require you give this some attention - like following an exercise program (I hear the groan). Hang with me here, you’ll like this.

The problem has been that we have no way to MEASURE STRESS. It’s like measuring pain- you can’t really do it. Staying motivated is hard because you don’t know what to look for.  


Cholesterol readings are considered the “gold standard” measurement of your health? Nope. This is backwards!

Once you know how to track the true impact stress has on your cellular aging and learn to manage it, you’ll see that your motivation soars, you become resilient, and a nice byproduct is HAPPINESS.  

You have a storage bank of an elusive cellular substance we’ll call “ESSENCE”- that’s the Chinese medical term for it. Every time your body is negatively stressed, you use up more and more of this substance.

Think of it as the water in your fountain of youth located at the end of every chromosome.


Measure the length of your TELOMERES (tee-lo-mere) and then watch them grow back!

Telomeres are an indicator or how much Essence you have left!

There are small markers to use along the way, but this is where to begin.

Modern medicine doesn’t know what to do with this because you can’t take a pill for stress and grow back your telomeres.

Growing your telomeres requires a lifestyle you build around good, powerful choices.

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This guide is meant for educational purposes only. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the material presented and to experience the outcomes you create for yourself. This does not replace nor represent licensed medical care.

This requires you to practice self-responsibility and mindfulness of your actions. Judge each suggestion and decide for yourself if it is the right fit for you. Always ask questions if you are not clear and modify as you need. Test each exercise or recipe and measure it to your OWN senses and judgment of how your body is responding. Go slowly, listen to your body and avoid over-doing. You can always add on more as you go.

If you have any reactions, allergies or pain when engaging the suggestions, stop immediately and contact Julia or her staff in order to get feedback and adjustments for what may be more correct for you.

Our team at Julia Thie- Acupuncture & Wellness Coaching is here to answer your questions and listen to any suggestions.

Ultimately, when the power of choice belongs to YOU, it is an opportunity to gain confidence, voice and clarity in your own life. And THAT is a symptom of wellness!