Realizing Your Worth

Why I Lost the Need to Affirm My Value

Worth is a tricky word.

I’ve found the concept of self-worth is a block to healing like no other. If a person doesn’t feel worthy of fill-in-the-blank then it likely won’t happen.

The judgment of good or bad worth is a deep belief that blocks the light and, I kid you not, almost all people entertain it in some form.

In holistic healing, we call it the ROOT CAUSE of a symptom. A root cause is an underlying maladjustment that, once addressed, sets everything else free to be resolved.

I struggled with self-worth for so long. I put up with a whole bunch of nonsense in my life because I judged myself unworthy of better.

Along the way, I discovered an interesting twist on this concept that made a big difference.

Affirming, I am worthy, and I am enough, just seems incomplete to me. Not truly addressing the root. This is because when I attempt to convince myself I am worthy enough, I’m still putting a value on my worth. It’s still on a scale.

I recognized the mistake in creating a gradient of worth. It’s a hindrance to the foundation of a real and lasting perception of wholeness and peace.


Every person’s worth is inherent and of infinite value.

Now I find there’s no longer a need to argue the point within myself or stomp my foot like a child trying to prove it. Instead, I often invite myself to simply bask in the feeling of infinite value with no opposite.

That’s the healing I believe we were trying to get to.

Yet another beautiful surrender.

A surrender of incessant judgment toward ourselves and others that causes so much pain.

“It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace.”

~ A Course In Miracles (T-20.V.3.6)


So I ask the good questions…

  • What if I recognized worth as unconditional?
  • What if I see everyone in the light of that infinite value?

The jig would be up! No more arguing over who gets the good things, who needs to be put in their place, and no more deciding who is bad or good.

This creates an underlying tone that allows discernment and action to come from a peaceful and loving platform.

This is part of the spectrum of consciousness we explore in Spiritual Healing Hypnotherapy and Gene Key studies. If you are curious to experience this, I invite you to visit and connect with me.

Here’s to Knowing True Worth!