Realizing Your Worth

Why I Lost the Need to Affirm My Value

I've found the concept of self-worth is a block to healing like no other. If a person doesn't feel worthy of fill-in-the-blank then that likely won't happen. ...
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Cliff diving, commitment to jump

Being Half-Hearted Is Exhausting

How I Found the Balm of Commitment in the 29th Gene Key

For ease in life, which is my constant direction, I harbor healthy commitments that will affect my attitude toward whatever I’m into. This bolsters an inherent positive energy. T
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Sleeping in the collective unconscious

How Do I Get to Sleep?

3 insomnia tools to reconnect body and soul

If preventing disease and feeling centered is your intention, then getting support for insomnia patterns is a high priority. Getting ...
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mirror to the sky why I write

Why I Write…

How I learn self-care by observing

My Great-grandfather, William T. Ellis, was an author in the early 1900s. Technically, he was a blogger before that was a thing. He had a syndicated column that ran every Sunday wh
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2 Albatross touching beaks with an energy of kindness

The Gift of Making Amends in Recovery

3 questions I learned to ask before saying ‘I’m Sorry’

I went to a funeral this week and found myself reminiscing with relief. It was a walk down memory lane on a broken old road, but gratefully many of the potholes had been repaired a
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