One-Minute Wake Up

Follow along for easy energy anytime.

The coffee isn’t working, sugar makes it worse, and you think, “When will this day be over?”

What a sad question to be asking!

Let’s switch that around and ask, “How can I get energized?”

Sometimes the answer is so simple…

This breathing exercise I’m sharing in this video is the perfect pick-me-up when you need more energy.

Picture this…

The clock on the wall reads 3 p.m., your eyes are closing and you have to excuse yourself because you keep yawning while talking to customers.

You’re wondering if YOU can have a nap with your grandchild who you are supposed to be watching over.

Use it in the middle of a work day, before you need to go to that meeting or event you’re not revved up for, or to simply to feel happier because you are back in YOUR BODY!

People look at me cross-eyed when I answer the “what can I take for more energy” question with a prescription for this type of exercise.

Likely the biggest hurdle you’ll have is finding privacy…

On second thought – Heck With It!

Do it anywhere!

Maybe people will ask to join you and you’ll start a “thing”!

So I’m daring you now:

  1. Share this with someone you know who needs a pick-me-up.
  2. Here’s a fun thing – make a video of yourself or a group of friends- doing this exercise! Teach it if you’d like!
  3. Post it in the Wellness Warrior Facebook Group and post it up in there!

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We would love to have you in there being brave and energized!