How to get UN-STUCK!

How to get UN-STUCK!

Well, my friends, it’s April AND spring is popping up all around us!

Let’s focus on HOW WE CIRCULATE better for the next few months using movement, foods, herbs, and breath during these new beginnings of Springtime!

Because no one likes to be STUCK IN-
  • an undesirable habit pattern
  • a body part that is stiff and painful
  • your morning constitution (aka bathroom habits)
  • a mental, mental LOOP or
  • a perception of negativity

So let’s get some UN-STUCK-NESS in our lives, yes?!

The first thing to remember is all motion requires a two-part action.

There is always an EXCHANGE that takes place.
  • push and pull
  • electron transfer
  • give and take
  • oxygen and carbon dioxide

Nothing happens alone.

Let the pressure that has built up over the winter to become your fuel to act.

And if you find you can’t SURF THE WAVE?

Move your breath, sing out, swing your arms and hips!
Regroup and direct your energy OUT without losing your balance. Allow the wave to carry you.

What can you do this week that goes a little outside your comfort zone? What new idea? New project? OR, like me, you may be doubling-down on a focus you’ve already committed to.

I’m committed to sharing how to Change Your Breakfast – Change Your Life with as many people as possible. Woo-Hoo! Click here and learn the three ingredients to melt inches from your waistline!

Just remember- when stuck- reach out and exchange with the world around you…