Hot Flashes & Hand Grenades (Part Two)

When menopause requires radical change

“Going through the change”

Feeling way out of control?

Entering into a new phase of life at whatever age requires some tools.

In this article, I share with you the second tool I use to help people adapt to the change of menopause (andropause for the guys), using the Wellness Wheel System™.

In Part One of this article, we dove into what nutrients you may be missing that make this challenge less difficult.

If you missed all the tips in step #1 that help you nourish your body and soul, click here to read Part One!

Let me clarify something…

Let’s stop for a moment before we go to step #2.  Look at a special word in the subtitle “When menopause requires radical change”. This may have gotten overlooked…

What do I mean by radical?

It may not be what you think, let’s go to the definition…

Rad·i·cal /ˈradək(ə)l/
Adjective (especially of change or action): relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something
Noun (a “radical” is a mathematical term): the root or base form

If you want to adapt to the change that’s happening in your body- and likely in many other areas of your life-

Take a look at your root beliefs and behaviors.

What I’m asking you, is to question some of your deeper ideas about

  • how you take care of yourself
  • what you can actually DO in this life
  • how you hold onto things

You may have to blow up a few old ideas. This excites me because I know your health gets better as you reframe your lifestyle and mindset.

James Clear, who holds the same beliefs about how to change as I do, calls them “Identity-Based Habits”.

That’s what I mean by changing your Radical – it is your “identity” in your own mind.

But don’t get too worried about having to figure it all out- or if you can even do that!

Small changes with deep roots make the most lasting positive effect.

First things first.

Let’s talk about your body…

What the heck is going on! Why is everything going haywire?

Here’s a bit of science for you; hormones exist in balanced partnerships.

As one wanes – the other grows. This creates a balance between:

sleeping and waking

growing and shedding

turning systems on and off

Hormones are a web that has to be redesigned a few times in your life.

Your body is operating on the fuel you give it (tool #1) and on a communication system that relies on the liver to process hormone structures so they can be used or eliminated correctly.

That’s a big job!

Let me share with you now what to pay attention to to make sure that happens well.

Radical Change Tool #2  


Your liver may require a total reset.

There are over 500 functions this amazing body part performs* (see the full list in resources below if you are curious).

The liver is where we convert all materials into the appropriate form to be “humanized” (aka usable).

This is where we:

  • turn foods into fuel
  • activate vitamins and fatty acids for use
  • break down toxins small enough to eliminate

If you have a greasy diet (with bad fats) and don’t eat green things- this is going to be harder for you to accomplish.

Cleaning the pool filter

Many people spend more care in maintaining cars and homes than their bodies.

My theory is because we are so close to our body- we can take it for granted.

I also believe that this is because we don’t have clear guidance to follow.

Taking care of the organ that “filters” ALL your blood -every three minutes- is at the root of holistic medicine care.

Doing this clears up many symptoms in one fell swoop; allergies, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Here’s our challenge:

We are confronted with a very modern problem. Our environment is loaded with substances mother nature can’t recognize and therefore can’t work her magic so well.

These man-made chemicals clog and confuse this system.

You may have heard about plastics and pesticides, but I can tell you from an insider perspective– there is so much present in our daily lives- it’s serious!

The Wellness Wheel System lifestyle can dramatically prevent or reset many of these problems on a physical level, which leads to a more comfortable and clear mental and emotional state.

Is your liver making you angry?

In Chinese medicine, we consider the physical and the philosophical actions of each organ.

The energy of the liver (the Wood Element) is known as “the Commander”.

This part of your energy system generates wind and anger.

[bctt tweet=”Many people spend more care in maintaining cars and homes than their bodies.” username=”JuliaThieBeWell”]

What do I mean by WIND?

The “winds of change” are such a poetic description. Wind is a carrier of change.

It comes from conflict (just like it does in air pressure collisions), and it provides an opportunity to transform.

Anger is the same- it’s an opportunity to use that emotion for positive change. It’s a dangerous edge to walk and easily can be twisted if not used constructively.

In my medicine, we don’t fight our emotions- we LEAN IN and we LISTEN.

We look at symptoms and ask these questions:

Do I let go of toxins?

Do I act on the help I’m offered?

Do I allow nourishment in?

Do I take command of my energy?

Ask yourself these questions now.

If you answered ,”Yes!” to three or more- you’re in good shape!

If not, let’s work together to help these shift to more ease and power.

Let’s change the way you are able to nourish yourself, let go of unneeded baggage and into a clearer focus of who you are at your best.

There is one herbal ally that sums up much of these requirements.

Let’s me introduce (or re-introduce to you) my good friend:


changeTo give you somewhere to start:

  • have a salad with the leaves, add oil and vinegar
  • eat the yellow flowers
  • make a dark yummy beverage out of the roasted root or the dried leaves

1 or 2 cups a day is plenty!

We’ll dive into this herb more deeply as we go further on the road together.

For now- start small and simple.

If you want to adapt and rediscover your balance (in a new way) remember this:

Make changes in your life from who you wish to be,

not based on who you thought you were supposed to be.

Take a look at your diet needs, your exercise, your social circles and especially- your radical beliefs.

You might just find your new powerful center.


Helpful Resources

500 Liver Functions

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Join me over in my closed Facebook Group, Wellness Warriors, and let me know what questions you have. I’m here for you!