Hot Flashes & Hand Grenades (Part One)

Two Tools to Radically Turn Menopause into YOUR Time

When going through big change, I invite you to “blow up” a few old ideas, behavior patterns and priorities.

It’s not called “Going Through The Change” for no reason!

Of course you change, it’s the holding on that’s painful.

Have you found yourself experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, dryness and brain fog? Are you afraid you will soon?

Let me share with you two tools to power up this phase of your life and be more comfortable in your new skin without suffering the damage of misdirected emotion and mismanaged health.

This topic is so big and such a big deal that I had to split it into two parts!

In this article, I’ll give you three things to do right away.

In the next, I’ll introduce you to the part of you that has THE MOST POWER and how to harness it!

These tools can be applied on a physical, an emotional and a spiritual level.  In my Wellness Wheel System™ we go deeply into each one.

For now, let me show you a great place to begin.

The first question to ask is; “Am I getting nourishment?”

What does it mean to be NOURISHED?

  • On a physical level we need the best foods, fluids and nutrients to build up our bodies to thrive through change.
  • On a psycho-spiritual level, we need those behaviors that “feed” us and help us feel soft and supported.

The next question is; “Where am I stuck?”

What parts of your body and life have become either detached or bogged down?

These are the things that can block you from allowing nutrients, people and self care behaviors IN your life.

The goal is to TRANSFORM the things in your life that get stuck!

The food you eat, the old ideas, the hormones that pass thru your liver – all of it!

Before you get overwhelmed…we’re going to break this down into small do-able pieces.

Why should I look at this?

By not adapting to this change in your life, you run the risk of becoming brittle (literally and figuratively) from lack of nourishment and transformation.

This exposes you to more degenerative health problems, more resentment (yuck!) and a lack of choice.

This is not the expression of health and wisdom I know resides deep in your heart.

1. This change is chaotic on every level, and if not prepared, you may lash out. In other words, you end up throwing your “hand grenades” at the wrong things – like barking at loved ones or by taking medicines you don’t need.

2. By not living to the potential of your full wisdom in this majestic new season of life, and not giving your body what it needs to flourish, you may be robbing the world of your true gifts and experience.

Why did no one tell me about this before?

We don’t prepare for this phase of life in our culture. Not physically, mentally not spiritually. It seems we don’t have a structure for it other than retirement savings plans and botox.

Plus, it’s not considered POLITE to change in public! That’s a big issue for those who’ve been told that they should just soldier on and not rock the boat. (I’m blowing that one up right now!)

I attribute this lack of preparation and victimhood to the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality; we’ve created a society that cultivates little rest, fast food and youth worship for all!

At some point we have to ask ourselves the right questions, get off the fast-track and take a look inside.

What to do? Where to begin?

Let’s take a look at the first tool that I hope you will at least try to allow.

Radial Change Tool #1


The amount of NOURISHING you are actually going to allow yourself feels extreme at first if you aren’t used to it.

Think of your wellness as being like a candle.

You need fuel to burn your wick; steady- solid fuel

FACT: The sensation of hot-flash you feel is your “engine smoking” because there is not enough fuel in the system.

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Build More Wax

Hormones (and a host of other nutrients) ARE this “wax” in your wellness candle, the oil in your car, the fuel you’ll use to make things happen.

Let’s help you find a way to be NOURISHED using two basic nutrients and one big important attitude.

Nutrient #1

Eat foods that contain HEALTHY FATS (and good cholesterol)

Preventative medicine has been obsessed with low cholesterol and low-fat, right?

Well my friend, that’s what hormones are made out of—

Hormones are made from cholesterol. Surprise!

There are two caveats to this:

1. This is not for stationary people so move your body!

Movement of your body is essential for the process of getting fat into the body where it belongs and to circulate it. Enjoy gentle, circulating movement.

2. You must be able to digest fat – take your bitters!

If you have no gallbladder or a fatty liver, work into it and take a digestive enzyme or bitters or an ounce of apple cider vinegar with meals. Read more.

What are HEALTHY Fats?

This can become a very detailed subject so I’ll try to keep it simple. If you want to learn more, a great book to read or listen to on audio is  Eat Fat, Get Thin by Mark Hyman, MD (check it out!).

Bottom line : The Healthy Fat Rules

All animal products must be grass fed & organic

All oils must be cold-pressed  (and no Canola oil!)

Here are your top tier choices:

  • Pasture raised meats and eggs
  • Olive
  • Ghee – also known as clarified butter
  • Avocado
  • Lard- yes-I said it- Lard
  • Coconut
  • Sardines
  • Flax & Hemp

I acknowledge you will pay more for these better made fats; so savor them- honor them. Make your cooking choices more about quality and less about quantity

You are going to love how SATISFIED you feel, if you can get over your mind telling you it’s bad- (let’s blow up that old belief!)

Nutrient #2

Take in Plant Hormones from foods and herbs

Phyto-nutrients are amazing! They provide the building materials to create hormone compounds AND block the uptake of the hormones you don’t want!

Did you catch that second part of that sentence just now?

These plant hormones take up residence on your hormone receptors to block the hormones in our environment we don’t want.

How cool is Mother Nature?

Specifically, plant hormones are found in legumes (beans, nuts, seeds) and in many dark leafy green vegetables.

Bottom line : The Phyto-Nutrient Rules:

Three servings of green vegetables daily really.

(join my Wellness Warrior FB Group to get some green ideas)

Eat legumes in their traditionally cooked form.

(avoid concentrated “isolates”)

The best rule is to “Eat the Rainbow” as stated in The New Health Manifesto.  As you would expect, a balanced diet is the keystone here. You need many small nutrients that go under-appreciated in this nourishing process.

And lastly, the #1 BIG Attitude

Practice Extreme Self Care

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
~ Anna Quindlen

What you’ll need to actually do this (and what people trip-up on the most) are healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries can feel explosive at first. The more you do it, the sooner you realize you don’t have to overreact (ie. throw a hand-grenade) at your family and friends when you set them, and not to over-apologize.

What this does…

Help your body make hormones correctly by recalibrating what quality you allow into your body and space and letting people help you and love you. (That wasn’t a typo – this effects your Hormones!)

Face your dark side with love. Sleep, dream, take slow walks, take the time to taste your food.  Do that thing you know is good for you, even though it might inconvenience someone else.

Feel a little guilty at firstthen do it anyway!

My question for you. What is…

  1. The one boundary you can set now?
  2. The one self-care act that creates space for?

Post that in our closed Facebook Group, Wellness Warriors, and we’ll set that intention together. Join us today to get on track and define this new person you are becoming!

In my next post, I’ll show you exactly how to gain the power to set boundaries and to lift you out of stuck ruts and hormone confusion.

By Harnessing RADICAL Change…

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