Balance your hormones naturally.

Do you have acne, hair loss, breast tenderness, menstrual problems or hot flashes?

If the answer is “yes,” then your hormones are out of kilter.

It may feel like your body has taken a turn and decided to stop being your shelter. Instead, it has turned into an unpredictable, gloomy storm.

There is a way to sort this out. A way to help your body be a safe haven and hear the music again.

Hormone balance is similar to relationships. If one partner is too loud, it drains out the other.


Picture your hormones in a square dance- (I know, strange analogy but I promise this will make sense in a minute.)  They enter the dance as unified partners, but then they all dance together, switching between partners.  Just as these dance partners keep each other in check in order to dance in unison, hormones regulate each other and keep each other in check so they can function properly.

This why hormone replacement therapy doesn't always give lasting safe results. It upsets the square dance if not monitored very carefully and changed often.

Good news is… there is another way.

I have a THREE STEP METHOD to get your body’s natural hormonal mechanisms dancing together again!

Download FREE: The 3 STEPS TO NATURAL HORMONE BALANCE GUIDE to feel younger and more energized.

This guide is meant for educational purposes only. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the material presented and to experience the outcomes you create for yourself. This does not replace nor represent licensed medical care.

This requires you to practice self-responsibility and mindfulness of your actions. Judge each suggestion and decide for yourself if it is the right fit for you. Always ask questions if you are not clear and modify as you need. Test each exercise or recipe and measure it to your OWN senses and judgment of how your body is responding. Go slowly, listen to your body and avoid over-doing. You can always add on more as you go.

If you have any reactions, allergies or pain when engaging the suggestions, stop immediately and contact Julia or her staff in order to get feedback and adjustments for what may be more correct for you.

Our team at Julia Thie- Acupuncture & Wellness Coaching is here to answer your questions and listen to any suggestions. 

Ultimately, when the power of choice belongs to YOU, it is an opportunity to gain confidence, voice and clarity in your own life. And THAT is a symptom of wellness!