Knowing When Enough Is Enough

2 tools that helped me prevent burnout

By dancing in the middle of the paradox between spreadsheets and felt-sense I found my way to a sustainable flow. There’s a calmness; not wondering if there’s going to be a sel
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Creating a Suggestion That Sticks

What I learned about guidance through misunderstandings

Sitting in my clinic supervisor’s professional office, eager to find out what herbs and supplements he’d choose for my ‘student exhaustion syndrome’, I realized something t
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The Rewards of a Practice

How my business changed my life

Growing into my power and consciousness as an awake human being, I see how the practice of operating a business changed me more than I ever would have expected. ...
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Can We Help The Long Haulers?

Can We Help the Long Haulers?

We all have gifts to give and different healing tools.

The gift of holistic medicine is the potential to rebuild what been burned out. Folks don't always bounce back well from viral infections. And the most predominant virus now is C
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