Enrichment as a Guiding Internal Principle

Why the 56th Gene Key Became My Word-of-the-Year

What I've seen is that in order to feel centered & not swept up in a whirlwind of input, we do our best to stay awake to the call of our inner resources, and to stay in touch w
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Tools for Working with Rigid People

How I Approach Challenges with My Right Mind...

I’ve been helping out some family members recently, and I’ve called upon this one skill more times than I can count; using my Flexible Mind. I turn things upside down and look
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soup on the stove prepared ahead of time

The Joyful Practice of Being a Prepper

3 truths to prepare yourself for comfort without dread and panic.

Any act, habit, or practice that has become instilled in our lives can be driven by fear or pulled by desire. The mindset makes the difference. In other words, we can prepare for c
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Is Your Antacid Making You Sick?

The truth about heartburn, the purple pill, and how to stop it.

If you have heartburn and mention it to your doctor, what will you get? Likely you will be put on an antacid, or acid-suppressive therapy (AST). Let me ask you a rhetorical questi
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Is Stress Making Me Sick?

Recognize the Signs and What To Do About It

Have you caught a glimpse in the mirror and noticed you looked a little ragged around the edges? You already get it; stress can wear you out. It affects us all in different ways. B
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heart center made of rock

Preparing for Good Decisions

A de-cluttering tool that clears my mind

I’m on a sabbatical of sorts. I’ve taken this year to experiment and explore. I’m open to discovering the possibilities unfolding in what I’d consider to be the third phase
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