Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year

Each Lunar New Year, for the past sixteen years, I have written a new year summary based on this ancient system. It’s a tradition for me, and traditions and rituals are part of a healthy life!

This is a BIG CHANGE time.

Most of what you’ll see around will say it’s year of the Rooster (for example at Starbucks or the post office will have these new year images posted up). I’m going deeper into legend and propose to you, that title is only one possibility of what the theme for this year is about. It is possible if we are at our best, it could be a Year of the Phoenix.

I am choosing, and I’m calling it YEAR of the FIREBIRD.

A Firebird is another name for the Phoenix which is an ancient mythological creature that rises from ashes to bring healing and rejuvenation.

As you read on, I’d like to ask you an important question: Will it be a Year of the Firebird or Year of the Rooster for you?

We’re leaving behind the benevolent Year of the Monkey – who wore its clever disguises and transformed itself to be what we needed. We changed, and the world around us changed, and now it is up to us to CHOOSE how we rearrange ourselves to fit this new pattern.

We enter this new year with dramatically new politics and we notice all sorts of roles are different. It can be easy for folks to act like braggarts or be thoughtless of others right now. Let’s not be bullies and let’s stay centered in a “higher” way of working with others.

Yes, let’s RISE instead. This can also be a healing year; remember in Harry Potter: Fawkes the Phoenix? Fawkes saved Harry with his tears.

We have an opportunity on this cusp of new beginnings. The new energy upon us is a paradox (as is everything of course). We can embrace and rise like the mythical firebird who rejuvenates and heals or just crow and strut like the rooster who does not fly.

Let’s get into the air this year. How does that happen in this year’s pattern? Here’s your big paradox: STAY GROUNDED IN PRACTICALITY to RISE. This is the lesson.

By allowing ourselves to be confident and proud of our achievements we’ll stay positive. We bathe in social interaction, being honest, loyal, frank and courageous.

Now we get into the hard work, stay true to your values and here’s the special talent of this year: SOLVE PROBLEMS. These solutions will likely be created by doing the practical. Be proactive and supportive to your community and family.

We will create the new change and new health we want together. Rise above the need to be agitated without action!

Focus your attention on what already works and accept the gift of the FireBird.

I’d love to know your thoughts or what questions you have. Join me over in my closed Facebook Group, Wellness Warriors, and leave a comment. I’m here for you!