Holistic Business Coach + Wellness Mentor

Being a successful healing art practitioner requires more than just being good at your technical skills. It’s also about creating a sustainable rhythm that fosters the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.



Find Your Flow

Instead of trying to fit your business style into a mold, I pull out the gifts you already possess and 'shine them up'!

Usually it's about choosing what to focus on and getting clear and brave about how you want to show up. That's the formula for how you work with less wasted effort and more positive effect!

I’ve made HUNDREDS of mistakes in my thirty-years of practice! And as a result; learned and grew as a person and enjoyed many years of successful practice.

Everyone is different. What works well for one business may not for another. And that’s why I take a thoughtful, tailored approach to every new student who wants to step up and explore the potential and take the focused actions that create the space for it to happen.

What I know about you as a healing artist is you have a special set of values and sensitivities. And although 'business' may not be your forte, we must start there. The magic that flows thru you needs a container. Learning to build the structure gives the people you can help better access to your care.

This is for you if...

You want to set up your own thriving wellness practice, but not knowing how keeps you trapped in the ‘safety’ of keeping a day job. Or you’re in the early years of owning your practice but you feel like you’ve hit roadblocks, and the hamster-wheel of consistently filling your appointment book with patients is leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

You want the freedom of being your own boss and have a positive influence in the world but can’t seem to make that desire match your reality. You love holistic healing and want it to be at the core of everything you do - including your business! Or you have discovered your health is now suffering from overwork and you want to learn how to turn that around.

You want to keep practicing and stop feeling ‘guilty’ about being well paid for the transformational work you do, You dream of being filled with optimism for the future. You want to grow a safe space to help more people heal, without sacrificing integrity or hiding your light from the people who are waiting to experience it.