“Digestion is the root of the vital tree”.

Stamina, immunity and that sense of “aliveness” we all crave comes directly from how your digestive system is working. If that system isn’t functioning as it should, everything else goes down hill.  But this is not just about the food you eat every day.

It’s a whole lot like gardening. If you bury a seed in soil has that gets no water, sun or nutrients; then nothing good will grow!

The same goes for your overall wellness, if you put food into your body while are missing essential elements required for YOUR vital growth, you don’t get the benefits of the food.  

You CAN have this! But you need to understand how it works first. This is where you begin to get out of danger and gain power over your life and wellness.

Digestive wellness is created by 3 things:

  1. A working digestive tract (all system go- start to finish)
  2. Mental and nervous system strength (learning to build resilience)
  3. A thriving microbiome (your friendly bacterial environment)

How do you make all of this start working right now?

First step is your Stomach Acid. Fix this first and you’ve created the foundation you need.

It is astonishing how many people take medicine or OTC pills for digestive discomfort or GERD. That’s not a fix; it’s a stop-gap- and it’s a dangerous one. These anti-acid medications actually STOP your stomach from working!

If your stomach doesn’t work well- eventually nothing will.


Take a huge step that will directly effect your “vital tree”! Mind, belly, and nerves: it’s all connected.

Download this step-by-step "Stop Acid Reflux Regimen" and rescue your stomach! (I also include the most effective products I recommend to my clients, so no more searching online and hours of reading reviews.)

This guide is meant for educational purposes only. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the material presented and to experience the outcomes you create for yourself. This does not replace nor represent licensed medical care.

This requires you to practice self-responsibility and mindfulness of your actions. Judge each suggestion and decide for yourself if it is the right fit for you. Always ask questions if you are not clear and modify as you need. Test each exercise or recipe and measure it to your OWN senses and judgment of how your body is responding. Go slowly, listen to your body and avoid over-doing. You can always add on more as you go.

If you have any reactions, allergies or pain when engaging the suggestions, stop immediately and contact Julia or her staff in order to get feedback and adjustments for what may be more correct for you.

Our team at Julia Thie- Acupuncture & Wellness Coaching is here to answer your questions and listen to any suggestions. 

Ultimately, when the power of choice belongs to YOU, it is an opportunity to gain confidence, voice and clarity in your own life. And THAT is a symptom of wellness!