The Gift of Making Amends in Recovery

3 questions I learned to ask before saying ‘I’m Sorry’

2 Albatross touching beaks with an energy of kindness

I went to a funeral this week and found myself reminiscing with relief. It was a walk down memory lane on a broken old road, but gratefully many of the potholes had been repaired and I’d dropped off a lot of my baggage already..

One of the beautiful processes I discovered in 12-Step programs is getting to make amends to people I had harmed in my life. And when the time came for me to do that, I discovered I had a lot to learn before I could say, I’m sorry and have those words hold water. … Read More

Preparing for Good Decisions

A de-cluttering tool that clears my mind

heart center made of rock

I’m on a sabbatical of sorts. I’ve taken this year to experiment and explore. I’m open to discovering the possibilities unfolding in what I’d consider to be the third phase of my life. Staying conscious through these changes requires me to practice all that I preach.

I’m not too worried because I know what to do. My driving intention has less to do with figuring out my life’s work, and more to do with nurturing divine discernment. And I have found a method that helps me clear enough space to hear those quiet messages and take each next connected step on the path.
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Building Healthy Barriers for Highly Sensitive People

How hypnotherapy helped my hyper-empathy

Steve, my hairdresser in Hollywood, asked me out of the blue one day during a regular cut and style, “I’m getting certified in hypnotherapy, you wanna be a case study?”.

“Sure, that sounds like fun”, I replied, only because I trusted Steve implicitly; not only with my hair but with my subconscious mind. I say that because I knew just enough about hypnotherapy to be picky regarding who I’d let talk to me while I was in a trance.

At that point in my life, somewhere inside me, I knew I was vulnerable to intense energy and pick up on feelings up like a radar. I had no real skills to help me with what I now know as hyper empathy.

What happened twenty-five years ago in that hair salon was so amazing, it changed the way I function within my energy field even now. … Read More

How To Strengthen Productivity Without Force

Two Methods I Use to Balance Business Tasks

First off, I’ve thrown out the idea that I’ll attain perfect balance in anything.

What I can do is pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t and make little adjustments along the way.
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Mending the Overachiever

Helping those who strive too hard for health

I have a precious figurine of a wooden angel holding a bundle of apples in her arms. It was given to me by a patient who did everything in her power to be healthy and young-looking. So when her husband called weeping to tell me she’d had a fatal heart attack, I was shocked.

After much deliberation, I recognized one thing I wished I’d been able to help her with. Something which engenders a way of being that would have helped her listen more closely to her inner guidance and react less to her fears. … Read More

Your Customers Don’t Mind Duplication

The magic repetition formula I discovered that creates a magnetic pull.

I used to think I shouldn’t repeat myself for fear of boring an audience.

Boy was I wrong about that!

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How To Deal With Patients’ Skepticism as a Holistic Practitioner

Nurture your bedside manner with curiosity and unconditional empathy

A woman came to see me with a hundred symptoms. I’m not kidding.

On her first visit, while I did my usual intake process for complex cases, I saw a pattern form in my mind as she spoke, and I could see a couple of paths ahead for treatment options.

Then I blew it!

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Knowing When Enough Is Enough

2 tools that helped me prevent burnout

By dancing in the middle of the paradox between spreadsheets and felt-sense I found my way to a sustainable flow. There’s a calmness; not wondering if there’s going to be a self-made crisis around the corner. … Read More

Creating a Suggestion That Sticks

What I learned about guidance through misunderstandings

Sitting in my clinic supervisor’s professional office, eager to find out what herbs and supplements he’d choose for my ‘student exhaustion syndrome’, I realized something that would become a guiding principle for how I approach practice.

I began experimenting with the question — how do I give a good suggestion? … Read More