The Gift of Making Amends in Recovery

3 questions I learned to ask before saying ‘I’m Sorry’

2 Albatross touching beaks with an energy of kindness

I went to a funeral this week and found myself reminiscing with relief. It was a walk down memory lane on a broken old road, but gratefully many of the potholes had been repaired and I’d dropped off a lot of my baggage already..

One of the beautiful processes I discovered in 12-Step programs is getting to make amends to people I had harmed in my life. And when the time came for me to do that, I discovered I had a lot to learn before I could say, I’m sorry and have those words hold water. … Read More

Mending the Overachiever

Helping those who strive too hard for health

I have a precious figurine of a wooden angel holding a bundle of apples in her arms. It was given to me by a patient who did everything in her power to be healthy and young-looking. So when her husband called weeping to tell me she’d had a fatal heart attack, I was shocked.

After much deliberation, I recognized one thing I wished I’d been able to help her with. Something which engenders a way of being that would have helped her listen more closely to her inner guidance and react less to her fears. … Read More

Knowing When Enough Is Enough

2 tools that helped me prevent burnout

By dancing in the middle of the paradox between spreadsheets and felt-sense I found my way to a sustainable flow. There’s a calmness; not wondering if there’s going to be a self-made crisis around the corner. … Read More

Allow Patients To Succeed

Help your clients overcome obstacles by creating steps they can understand.

Help your clients overcome obstacles by creating steps they can understand.

Here are 3 communication tools to enhance follow thru and avoid information overwhelm!

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