Acupuncture and the Mind


Have you ever wondered: How does acupuncture work? Why does it affect your mental state so positively? Why is it used for more than just physical symptoms? Let me share with you a special interview I did in November, 2016 with my dear friend Susan Lachmann from “Women on Air”. It’s a ten-minute segment I think you’ll enjoy.

The #1 Cause of Anxiety, Depression, & ADD

Why Connection Matters

Disconnection is the cause of anxiety, and it causes a lack of mental and physical resilience. (Read that line again…that’s a big statement) Listen here to learn two simple tools for getting re-connected and de-stressed!  

Which Medicine to Choose?

Which Medicine to Choose: How to pick your remedy with wisdom

Have you ever wondered what medicine to take when you have a cold? Or what to take to lose weight, or for your joint pain? Any symptom – we look for a remedy. What if I told you it didn’t have to be complicated?  What if you had a roadmap based on a system? There is a roadmap – and …

Who is the “Queen of Herbs”?

Who is the Queen of Herbs?

I can hear it now… “I tried Tulsi – it didn’t do anything!” This is a common error when people “try” herbs. It is a simple misunderstanding of how to use them- or rather- to relate to them. Listen here to learn how to avoid this common mistake.