Building Healthy Barriers for Highly Sensitive People

How hypnotherapy helped my hyper-empathy

Steve, my hairdresser in Hollywood, asked me out of the blue one day during a regular cut and style, “I’m getting certified in hypnotherapy, you wanna be a case study?”.

“Sure, that sounds like fun”, I replied, only because I trusted Steve implicitly; not only with my hair but with my subconscious mind. I say that because I knew just enough about hypnotherapy to be picky regarding who I’d let talk to me while I was in a trance.

At that point in my life, somewhere inside me, I knew I was vulnerable to intense energy and pick up on feelings up like a radar. I had no real skills to help me with what I now know as hyper empathy.

What happened twenty-five years ago in that hair salon was so amazing, it changed the way I function within my energy field even now. … Read More