Can We Help The Long Haulers?

Can We Help the Long Haulers?

We all have gifts to give and different healing tools.

The gift of holistic medicine is the potential to rebuild what been burned out.

And that’s what a virus does in Chinese Medicine theory. It depletes the body if not kept in check.  Making it really tough to bounce back.

Folks don’t always bounce back well from viral infections. And the most predominant virus now is Covid-19.

So what do you do for someone who doesn’t bounce back?

Modern medicine has a really hard time helping support people with chronic illness. 

Everyone feels pretty powerless.

Statistics say that of the people who contracted Covid-19 over the past year a large percentage will have ongoing symptoms. These range from severely debilitating to general malaise.

The common term for these folks is Long-hauler or to have Long Covid.

The most common symptoms seen are fatigue, body aches, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating, inability to exercise, headache, and difficulty sleeping.

In Chinese Medicine we say these longer symptoms are based in an underlying deficiency

In modern terms I’d call it metabolic damage causing inflammation.

Would you agree, most drugs and therapies quell symptoms but aren’t focused on repairing this damage, nourishing the body nor supporting natural functions?

Natural medicine thrives in situations where the body needs to rebuild…

Think of a few supportive things you could offer a person who needs to improve normal functions such as….

  • nervous system resiliency
  • optimized oxygenation and circulation
  • nutrient availability
  • inflammation processing
  • open elimination pathways

Have you got something in your healing art toolbox for them?

Is there something you do in your practice that may be a gift of relief and support? 

I bet you do…you may want to take a look at the methods you use, then put together a program so you can convey the benefits to them in a language they can understand.

I want you to feel confident and comfortable with what you are able to do.

So you can get started right away and offer your help, I’d like to suggest three tips of what to avoid when you are putting together your long-hauler support package:     

1    Avoid pie in the sky promises.

Statements like, ‘No problem, we can fix that right away!’ do not breed confidence and trust.

They may WANT to hear that- but are more likely to believe you if you tell the truth.

Help them understand it will take time and set appropriate expectations of ups and downs.     

2   Avoid overwhelming them with something they aren’t ready for.

Keep it simple and incremental.

Meet them at their level of pain or exhaustion and watch out for detox responses. Go slowly, low-dose, low-force and let them know why.

As always, personalize within your basic program structure.     

3    Avoid one-offs.

Be clear where your gifts fit into their rebuilding process (and that it is actually -a process).

If they want to come once, fine- but it’s your job to make it easy to come back. How about offering a 3-month program? 

This way they get a chance to see that the benefits are incremental and eventually cumulative.

So whether you make herbal formulas, perform hands-on bodywork, create health coaching protocols or teach meditation – you have precious gifts to offer.

And if this challenge rings a bell for you, I urge you to offer up your gifts.

If you’d like some help let’s hop on a coaching call and we’ll talk more about ideas or questions you have.

Thank you for the work you do every day! You are making a difference ~ one healing experience at a time!

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