One-Minute Wake Up

Follow along for easy energy anytime.

The coffee isn’t working, sugar makes it worse, and you think, “When will this day be over?”

What a sad question to be asking!

Let’s switch that around and ask, “How can I get energized?”

Sometimes the answer is so simple…

This breathing exercise I’m sharing in this video is the perfect pick-me-up when you need more energy.

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Hot Flashes & Hand Grenades (Part One)

Two Tools to Radically Turn Menopause into YOUR Time

When going through big change, I invite you to “blow up” a few old ideas, behavior patterns and priorities.

It’s not called “Going Through The Change” for no reason!

Of course you change, it’s the holding on that’s painful.

Have you found yourself experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, dryness and brain fog? Are you afraid you will soon?
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Hot Flashes & Hand Grenades (Part Two)

When menopause requires radical change

“Going through the change”

Feeling way out of control?

Entering into a new phase of life at whatever age requires some tools.

In this article, I share with you the second tool I use to help people adapt to the change of menopause (andropause for the guys), using the Wellness Wheel System™.

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The Belly Fat Cure

The Belly Fat Cure

Change One Thing, that’s my challenge here.
I have seen this work for my clients over and over again!

Both of my parents are diabetic. I had to learn a thing or two about managing weight, blood sugar and all the emotional baggage that comes with this condition.

Discover the golden nugget I found while digging for cures… (hint, you might need a smaller belt).

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3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now

3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now

The vagus nerve is the longest and strongest cranial nerve you have. It wanders through your body telling you how to respond.

Directly affecting your heart rate, stress response, digestion and your immune system intelligence, this nerve is one of the biggest keys to mind body healing I know of!

Watch this 8 minute video to learn the 3 exercises that change the way you:

  • Approach challenges
  • Improve cellular recognition and healing of cancer
  • Relieve IBS symptoms and improve absorption of nutrients

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Who is the “Queen of Herbs”?

Who is the Queen of Herbs?

I can hear it now…
“I tried Tulsi – it didn’t do anything!”

This is a common error when people “try” herbs.

It is a simple misunderstanding of how to use them- or rather- to relate to them.

Listen here to learn how to avoid this common mistake.

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The Body Heals the Mind

The Body Heals the Mind - Using your Summer Sense to feel alive

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”



My heart aches
I don’t seem to care about anything anymore
I’m feeling so down, nothing brings me joy…

I was having a summer lunch on my back porch, a most glorious tomato and basil salad, I was struck with a notion. Actually, I was struck with an awareness…

Under a choir of tree frogs, I took in those vibrant colors, that unique-tomatoey scent (you know the one), tasted the smooth oil, felt my skin warm but not too warm – the whole package.

You could say I was practicing mindful eating, yes, but I realized it went beyond that.
I was in a state of awareness, appreciation, and acceptance.

Not gushing emotion, not wishing for more- already grieving it can’t last, not needing to make comments or stories about it. Simply feeling a presence, call it a glow, in that moment.

Using what we’ll call the Summer Sense.

I want you to know this real sense is available even in times of ‘less than glorious’ circumstances. That’s the key – use it when things are ruff.

It’s a learned skill and it can be practiced. It is mending to the spirit.

That may seem daunting or even a bit ‘out there’, but I’m here to tell you it worked and continues to work for me.

Health is like sitting on a 3-legged stool. Each leg is necessary to support you.
These are your (1) physical being, (2) your emotional intelligence and taking the time (like we’re talking about here) to (3) access a spiritual connection.

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How to get UN-STUCK!

How to get UN-STUCK!

Well, my friends, it’s April AND spring is popping up all around us!

Let’s focus on HOW WE CIRCULATE better for the next few months using movement, foods, herbs, and breath during these new beginnings of Springtime!

Because no one likes to be STUCK IN-
  • an undesirable habit pattern
  • a body part that is stiff and painful
  • your morning constitution (aka bathroom habits)
  • a mental, mental LOOP or
  • a perception of negativity

So let’s get some UN-STUCK-NESS in our lives, yes?!

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“You don’t stop laughing because you grow older, you grow older because you stop laughing.”

—Maurice Chevalier

Have you ever noticed how ideas, energy, and laughter all BUBBLE UP?

Where does that come from?

Do you also notice it requires an energized state of relaxation to be released?Read More