Name Your Pain

Name Your Pain. How to understand the clues to what’s really hurting you.

“It feels like a rock in my shoulder”, Marie says after I ask her to describe her pain to me.

My next question is, “Where is it, exactly?” She puts her hand over the muscles on top of her shoulder blade. OK, it’s getting clearer.

Onto my next question. “When is it?” When it started and when it shows up. Knowing when it started is a clincher to pain detective work. Marie isn’t sure, “I just noticed it was bothering me one day and it keeps coming back, more and more.” Now I know we’ve got what I call a “creeping issue.” It crept up into her life and got into her framework.

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Victim of Stress?

Victim of Stress?

Do you feel powerless against stress? Like you are losing a battle against an enemy that has your life in a tangle?

You see claims of how-to “conquer” or “tame” your stress, and that you must face it head on to get “it” to stop attacking you.

This is based on a belief that stress is something outside of you that you control. Maybe even something that is out to get you. This turns a stress into a storybook villain. It also makes you feel like a victim.

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Is Your Antacid Making You Sick?

Is Your Antacid Making You Sick?

If you have heartburn and mention it to your doctor, what will you get? Likely you will be put on an antacid, or acid suppressive therapy (AST).

Let me ask you a rhetorical question to think about.

Are we that disconnected to natural methods that this is what we choose to do as the first course of action? Turn off the digestion?

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One-Minute Stress Relief


Let me go ahead and give you one of my many tools to get and stay well.

Something to begin feeling better now.

The symptoms I see people with on a daily basis are much easier to work on when accompanied by a simple meditation practice. (I can hear the groans…I know it seems daunting – I’ve been there.)

Here’s a a quick video to change your mind.
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The Bathroom Scale: Friend or Foe?


Let’s just say it – sometimes we get obsessed. Especially when it comes to weight loss.

When I get obsessed, I try to spend that focused attention on something worthwhile, and the scale is NOT IT.

If you have struggled with weight management, this measuring stick can become your enemy right quick. Trips to the scale become a merry-go-round of excitement and disappointment that really doesn’t reflect your shape or your health.

Then what is worth measuring?

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Acupuncture and the Mind


Have you ever wondered:

  • How does acupuncture work?
  • Why does it affect your mental state so positively?
  • Why is it used for more than just physical symptoms?

Let me share with you a special interview I did in November, 2016 with my dear friend Susan Lachmann from “Women on Air”.

It’s a ten-minute segment I think you’ll enjoy.

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Do You Have a Clutter Allergy?

Do You Have a Clutter Allergy? Letting It Go

What is a “Clutter Allergy”? Do you have one?

Do you find yourself irritated, blocked, or just plain weighed down?!

Do you have something in your life you just know is toxic, but can’t get it gone?!

In this video, I explain what this allergy looks like, how to identify if you have one, and how to deal with it.

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The #1 Cause of Anxiety, Depression, & ADD

Why Connection Matters

Disconnection is the cause of anxiety, and it causes a lack of mental and physical resilience.

(Read that line again…that’s a big statement)

Listen here to learn two simple tools for getting re-connected and de-stressed!


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Tap Into Action

Tap Into Action - Learning an ancient technique to get motivated

Are you are wondering where to start on a wellness plan or having trouble taking action?

It’s Spring now and we all want to ride the wave of potential that’s in the air.

Watch this video to get an easy, fun tool to begin.

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Which Medicine to Choose?

Which Medicine to Choose: How to pick your remedy with wisdom

Have you ever wondered what medicine to take when you have a cold?

Or what to take to lose weight, or for your joint pain?

Any symptom – we look for a remedy.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be complicated?  What if you had a roadmap based on a system?

There is a roadmap – and I’m going to tell you about it here in this audio post.

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