The Belly Fat Cure

The Belly Fat Cure

Change One Thing, that’s my challenge here.
I have seen this work for my clients over and over again!

Both of my parents are diabetic. I had to learn a thing or two about managing weight, blood sugar and all the emotional baggage that comes with this condition.

Discover the golden nugget I found while digging for cures… (hint, you might need a smaller belt).

If you know me at all, you know I can’t discuss physical symptoms with talking about the underlying pattern of emotion and belief that drives the boat.

Without both physical and emotional attention, it’s an incomplete healing; it won’t last.

Let’s look under this hood. This belly fat conundrum is about ego structures (up go those defenses- I get it). This is the energetic dysfunction under the physical dysfunction of this situation.

I always like to explain the science of how things work.
Belly fat is about insulin resistance (also known as metabolic syndrome) and that’s a hefty scientific subject. I give a three-hour class on this topic!

My intention for doing that is so you “get it” and have more of a reason and motivation to “do it”.

Ahh, but here’s the emotional baggage part. How many times do you KNOW something is the right thing, but you can’t seem to make it happen for yourself?

Knowing isn’t doing.

This bog which people who have an issue with blood sugar experience, has a distinct personality disposition. The mind gets swept into a spiral of self-flagellation and denial. It’s not pretty in there…

It sounds like this in your head:

  • I’m not able to do that
  • Why should I?
  • This is all I deserve
  • It’s not that bad
  • It doesn’t matter anyway
  • Won’t happen to me…

This is the circling mind of a person with insulin resistance (a blood sugar regulation problem).

It is a resistance to allowing in nutrients- creating a type of body hoarding because the instincts no longer trust the system.

That was a big, loaded sentence, read that again.
It’s the gimme – don’t gimme circle.

I offer this concept here because you can try to change your diet, but looking under the hood and shedding light on THIS part of yourself; that’s the gold.

Work at this issue from both sides. A healthy metabolism and ego-structure that can accept help and not put up walls doesn’t happen overnight.

Jeepers, it’s been scientifically proven that depression and insulin resistance go together(1). Not an quick fix- but not impossible either.

Changing your blood sugar profile with dietary changes is one piece of the puzzle. Do this one simple change below, put a little force toward it, and it will help the emotions underneath begin to get in good place too.

Alright, now let’s close the hood and let me give you the action steps….and watch out for that bog!

Change Your Breakfast – Change Your Life

  1. Eat breakfast, really. You may need to make yourself do it for the first 3-4 days, but your appetite will adapt.
  2. Breakfast is made of the following components; protein, healthy fat & veggies.
Proteins: (approximately 4 oz. or size of your palm)
eggs, tofu, tempeh, tilapia, sardines, free range chicken, turkey or beef
Healthy fats: (no limit)
Avocado, olives
Cooking oils: clarified organic butter (ghee), coconut oil, or lard
Dressing oils: cold-pressed olive or flax oil (not canola)
Veggies: (non-root vegetables, no limit)
Sautéed greens such as kale, spinach, chard, mustard or collard greens, broccoli,
cauliflower, mushrooms- these can be pre-cooked and warmed up in the morning.

When my husband, Mark, first got wind of what I wanted to do to our breakfast – he was not happy to give up his world famous home-made granola and yogurt, let me tell you!

[bctt tweet=”Without both physical and emotional attention, it’s an incomplete healing; it won’t last.” username=”JuliaThieBeWell”]

Within two-weeks – he pulled his belt tighter by two belt loops and needed a new suit!

It works!

Here’s our new normal…

belly fat
It can look something like this (I’m such a foodie- this is our tofu-guacamole-kale breakfast). Not everyone wants to go to this effort, so here are some other ideas:

  • For rushed people: two hard boiled eggs and some parsley-shallot-lemon-olive oil salad you made on the weekend
  • For non-foodies: make a shake with non-denatured whey protein, avocado and water (sorry-no fruit in this smoothie). I suggest TGS brand (you can get on Amazon).

I hear your objections, I know- just try it. Make room for it in your life for a week.

I had a client ask, “But can I have a biscuit with it?”,
I had to chuckle and say, “Not at breakfast”.

That’s all I’m proposing here- breakfast without carbohydrates, but full of satisfaction.

You will lose water weight at the beltline quickly as you raise your metabolism and energy up for the whole morning. This is a very good thing.

This is where you start. The dominos of insulin resistance and all it’s dangers and bogs will begin to topple and the next change you implement will have less resistance.

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