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Being Half-Hearted Is Exhausting

How I Found the Balm of Commitment in the 29th Gene Key


“Commitment is healthiest when it’s not without doubt but in spite of doubt.”

Rollo Reece May


I’ve noticed a theme of free will everywhere I look recently

Walking on a path near my home, where the bike trails are all named after RUSH songs, I spotted a trail sign named Free Will and just had to sing it out loud; ‘If you choose not to decide — you still have made a choice!’ Be. beh. beh!

Plus I’d been watching the early episodes of Westworld. The show is littered with robots and humans questioning if their decisions are pre-programmed or if their choices arise from their own inner consciousness. The topic creates wonder about preordination, and if truely, consciousness can change outcomes.

Deep, existential questions.

But whatever path I do take, it requires a decision of some sort. The thing is; the decision itself isn’t really the issue, it’s the commitment.


Commitment is the true arm of willpower

I discovered that the level of commitment will make or break our experience of anything. Whether it’s a health routine, a relationship, where money is spent, or even paint colors; dedication begins the action of our will and how we feel about it.

I had a teacher, Christine Kane, who said, ‘A decision is an intention with legs’. Meaning that setting an intention will only get you so far. If I want to engage willpower in a positive way, feeling purposeful and congruent about what I’m doing is a must.

In Clinical Hypnotherapy, we call it an emotionalized desire for change. We can’t make ourselves take action on something for very long without harnessing the power of the subconscious feeling mind on board.


Half-hearted, committed, or devoted?

This concept is found within GENE KEY 29 which I’d been contemplating at the time of this writing. These words all house similar energy, just at a different vibration. In order to discover a hidden well of resources or a hidden bog of shadows, I ask myself, which of these am I leaning into?

For ease in life, which is my constant direction, I harbor healthy commitments that will affect my attitude toward whatever I’m into. This bolsters an inherent positive energy. This way, less of my energy is drained away by questioning and complaining.

Because nothing hurts more than feeling half-hearted about any endeavor.

Even the word, half-hearted, implies being split in two. I’ve said this for a long time; the attitude with which you approach your health and habits is more important than what you do.

This is where commitment becomes a balm to the heart. It is a gift you give yourself. Yet there are some cautions about choosing what to commit to so you don’t feel angry later.


I’ve discovered a few tenets when it comes to channeling will

See if these are true for you…

  • Mindfulness is required.

I don’t have to be all-in forever and ever. Committing now in good faith prevents me from wavering. In recovery circles, we use the just for today slogan to place commitments in the present time, where they matter the most. Even if it doesn’t work out, recognizing that impermanence opens me up to compassion and acceptance; more good energy.

  • Forgiveness is inherent.

Self-compassion is a big deal that starts within me and then radiates outward. Bound to make many mistakes, I accept that part of the journey. I’d rather imperfectly attempt something with a full heart than tip-toe on eggshells made of worry!

  • Your integrity is on the line.

I’m always careful before I give my word, even to myself, lest I break a bond and hurt my sense of self-trust. I make sure I really mean it. The trap of not doing what you say you are going to can be a nasty loop. I love having the tool of hypnotherapy to unearth those sabotaging shadows and get them into the light where they heal.


Devotion is an energy source

Like a true sports fan who is willing to camp outside on a concrete sidewalk to get tickets for the playoffs and is still excited about it, we find resources of resilience when we are committed and devoted.

The right devotion finds me when I begin in the right mindset. The gift of discernment, getting to a yes or no, is an inner practice. So I take special time to observe where this gift directs me, which then makes it easier to let go of being half-in.

So once a choice feels reasonably right, don’t wobble too long. Let the powerful wind of commitment channel your will and propel you into that easy flow that comes with being devoted.


It’s your choice

Isn’t it great to know that no one can make you open this 29th Gift of Commitment but you? Cue the end of the song;

‘I will choose a path that’s clear — I will choose free will!’

I put my mind to work for me and give it something to do by paying attention to my choices. Then I watch and feel the energy that arises from those choices. Am I dragging a wet blanket behind me, or am I flying above, powered by something larger than myself?

It’s nice to know that difference belongs to me.

Here’s to the Wind Beneath Our Wings…

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