Allow Patients To Succeed

Help your clients overcome obstacles by creating steps they can understand.

Here are 3 communication tools to enhance follow thru and avoid information overwhelm!

The Healing Relationship

When you’re doing your part in the healing process, you’ve entered into a relationship with another person, or group of people, with a common goal or intention. 

You want to allow the healing process to happen. You want to allow them to succeed.

And there are some things that can block that, and one of them is understanding.

If for example; you have tools you’d like to share and you don’t convey that across to your people…they miss it.

So one of the things I think it’s really important to embrace is the paradox of how you show up in your practice, right?

You don’t want to be the far extreme – super passive, mindless, ‘I’m just going through the motions’ – there’s no real change-

When to Push – When to Wait

Nor going to the other extreme of pushing and forcing – there’s no real change- 

But there’s that sweet spot right in the middle…in between passive and pressure. 

There’s that place where you show up authentically with a good voice and able to share the tools you have.

Let me share three of my tools with you in this video (just under 4 min.):

Three Tools That Create the Space for Patients To Hear You:

 Number one is to be sure that you asked for permission.

You’ve asked for permission to give them this information. If, let’s say, they come to you with a certain thing they want to do and you know that if they did AB&C it could be so much better- ask first! ‘Are you interested in this?’ etc. 

This keeps them from blocking and thinking, ‘I didn’t ask you’ or ‘I just came here to relax!’

Well… to help people relax you can give them tools to do that in this very non-pushy way.

 Number two is to give no more than THREE suggestions at a time.

We are all very easily overwhelmed in this age of information technology (or should I say inflammation technology, he he)!

What you want to do is be sure to give no more than three things at a time within the structure of how you work. And be very clear about those three things.

If you want somebody to take something, ie. ‘I want you to take Reishi mushroom’, explain how much? how long? where do I get it?

Those sorts of detailed things should be given with the material. Which brings me to…

 Number three is to write it down.

Not everybody is an audio learner and not everybody’s a visual learner. If you give him a little bit of both they’re more likely to be able to follow through really easily.

When I’m with somebody I like to be on full attention. And if they’re giving me information I’m supposed to remember I like writing it down, and boy I like it when somebody just gives it to me in writing!

I know you don’t want to get in the way of allowing the healing process to occur.

So try those three things. And if you’ll notice I did that with you in the video;

  • I asked permission when I asked you to click the play button 
  • I gave you three things to do and then
  • I wrote it down in the description!

Easy peasy!

Let me know how you did by posting to my FaceBook Page or let’s hop on a call...

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