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Medicine that helps – not harms

Imagine pain melting away, being able to move easily and you’ve prevented an unnecessary surgery. Your breathing freely and your stomach is calm. You have a closer mind-body connection making you more resilient to stress, and a happier more self-honest person.

Our local office has provided service since 1999 to the Eastern Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina regions. Folks travel from Asheville, Knoxville and even was far as Kentucky to come for acupuncture relief- because it works!


Anyone who has had pain or chronic illness knows, it is so incredibly draining! You feel your life getting smaller and you have less and less options. It has been Amanda and Julia's joy to help people see a light at the end of that tunnel as they begin to feel better and better, discovering new ways to take care of health that that we were never taught before.

If you are seeking care for body pains, fertility issues, IBS, skin conditions, anxiety or chemotherapy support, we can guide you toward how to best use acupuncture and/or our health coaching systems. Amanda has treated people with these conditions for many years and have seen wonderful results.

If you are looking for direction on how to use natural medicines, you can take advantage of our proven, integrative health programs. We have designed these to guide you thru the commercial maze of vitamin and herbal remedies while getting the benefit of the ancient guidelines of healthy living taught in Chinese Medicine. We have a treasure trove of how-to remedies and lifestyle guidance for you here.

The most common response we hear from people who finally try acupuncture after putting if off because of fear, doubt or thinking the pain would go away on it's own is...

"Why did I wait so long!"

  • Do you have pain, anxiety, fatigue?
  • Do you have issues with weight loss and gut health?
  • Would you like assistance with fertility and birthing?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or have been under treatment for cancer?

Here's what to do…

If this is your first time here, please take advantage of our complimentary phone consultation to determine your needs then schedule your appointment for your first session and assessment clicking here or call us to check availability.

Getting acupuncture at our office is a great experience. If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ve been told it’s the “best kept secret in town”!

1. Have Your Clarity Call

Find out if acupuncture can help your condition by speaking directly with a licensed acupuncturist.
Call 423.239.7044 to take advantage of this FREE OFFER!

2. Book Your Appointment

  • Your New Patient Visit will include an in-depth health assessment and a full acupuncture session - 90 minutes
  • Call 423.239.7044 to schedule
  • You’ll be prompted to fill out your Health History Discovery Form before your in office visit

3. Enjoy the Office Oasis

  • Come in, enjoy some peace and quiet in an environment where people understand what you are going thru
  • Our office staff and practitioners are here to help
  • Let’s get you feeling better right away!
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