Hello, I’m Julia Thie,

Most people who meet me think- oh she's got it so together! But I will tell you- it wasn't always so. As most every healing art practitioner will attest, we discover the call while tending to our own ills.

So in the search to 'put humpty-dumpty back together again', I discovered a sense of magic and a spiritual connection that resides in the personal journey of healing. Plus a great love for fellow travelers just as fascinated by how we heal!

Practicing for decades in the medical sciences performing bodywork, acupuncture, herbology and deeper mystical practices - alongside the same number of years running my own business on the frontlines, I have gained great treasures! The most of which is a sense of fulfillment.

And because having a working business of your own is a large part of serving others, by taking the time to stretch myself and learn how to do that well - it has healed ME - and in ways I wouldn't have expected!

Now I'm paying it forward...

I mentor holistic practitioners like me to use their gifts to the utmost.

Those of us in the healing arts know that special calling, but not all of us make it in practice. If you are struggling with any part of that, I am here to give you what I know and a new perspective. Maybe it doesn't have to be a struggle!

I challenge you to rise up and create a service oriented business that feeds you and your community. This takes special skills and support.

What I have to offer

I am currently accepting new private business coaching clients who are ready for realistic solutions to their business and life challenges. To address your specific needs we do this one-on-one with creative planning and implementation, support, accountability and all my technical resources.

See what resonates with you, I invite you to dip a toe by signing up for my newsletter right here on this page...

Or dive right in and click to book your free 15-minute Focus Discovery Call and we'll decide together what direction to take in order to prosper and feel more congruent. I am currently accepting scholarship appoints and I can hip you to that too!

I believe health is governed by two things.

1 - An inner intelligence that is abundant and larger than our minds can conceive. A vital power that makes the spark of life in each moment. This is not for anyone to give to another, it is everywhere all the time, unconditionally. As practitioners we create an environment for that to be realized.

2 - The second thing your health is governed by is our relationship to that power. How we behave, what we believe and the way we engage with people and the planet. This is what we have choice over.

I believe in paradox.

One of my driving philosophies is to nourish the spirit in the structure.

The more I hone the systems and foundations of my business, the more my empathy, effective care and strength can arrive.

Do you want to open minds and offer a bigger perspective of natural medicine to the people who are ready for it? Do you want to embrace both aspects of being a thriving business owner and an effective caregiver. Then let’s grow a bigger paradox.

I believe you.

There is no one way to be in practice.

Whether you are already doing what you love and just want it to be better, or you want to radically change it, I trust that wish. I will always respect your intuition and your story while opening doors to new possibilities.

Your voice matters.

So here’s to the next step on the road of transformation,

Julia Thie

Holistic Medicine Business Coach