Hi, I’m Julia Thie,

Most people who meet me think- oh she's got it so together! But I will tell you- it wasn't always so. As almost every healing art practitioner will attest, we discover the call while tending to our own ills. And while on the search to 'put humpty-dumpty back together again', I discovered a sense of magic and a spiritual connection that resides in my personal journey of healing.
After practicing for decades in the medical sciences, attaining a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and enjoying a great acupuncture practice, I was called to take a sabbatical to review the next phase of my life and service. I have always believed the subconscious mind is at the core of our responses and experience of life. My question was how to harness its strength in a practical way with results I could count on.

Bolstered by my Gene Key contemplations and deep introspection, I recalled profound experiences with hypnotherapy I'd had and decided to study the methods and learn from the best! Tools in hand, past and present, I returned to practice feeling a renewed purpose and congruence with what I deeply believe.

As a Medical Support Hypnotherapist, in co-creation with you, we harness the power of your subconscious to rewrite old stories and gain direct spiritual connection. Supported by the educational tools found in my Holistic Resilience Practices and The Wellness Wheel Health System, I serve by guiding people to a state of self-awareness, empowerment and wellness that is sustainable and effective.


I use these proven hypnotherapy methods with you to create confidence, gain freedom from the past, and create peace in the present.

Developing integrity with your inner connection leads to easy self-control and a sense of peace and freedom. Together we discover, release, and heal specific influences from your past that no longer serve you. Because hypnosis is a natural state of being that empowers you to regulate your body's nervous system responses, you gain control of the way you live and feel in your life.

When using hypnotherapy you gain more awareness of the Superconscious Mind. Think of this as the infinite problem-solving intelligence. A resource beyond our comprehension. Things you couldn't see solutions to before change and become possible.

In my work, I get to help you clear a path to that resource. By gently listening and shifting your acquired subconscious patterning we amend your relationship with your past and bolster your life experience now. It is a co-creative exploration that quickly creates change.

What I have to offer...

Private sessions

I am currently accepting new hypnotherapy clients for in-person or online sessions. If this resonates with you, please schedule a free Discovery Call to access your situation and goals to discuss your best direction.

Groups & Workshops

I offer Self-hypnosis classes and and Gene Key Experience workshops . Register for the next program and learn more about these opportunities by clicking the link below.

What I believe...

I believe health is governed by two things.

  • An inner intelligence that is abundant and larger than our minds can conceive. A vital power igniting the spark of life in each moment. This is not for anyone to give to another, it is everywhere all the time, unconditionally.
  • The second thing your health is governed by is your relationship to that power. Our mindfulness and attention toward the way we engage with our inner world, other people, and the planet. This is what we have choice over.

I believe in paradox.

If you only care for your physical health, or only care for your emotional and spiritual health, you only get half the results. By giving care to both aspects of your Being, you grow a 'Flexible Mind' you begin to discover avenues for healing and clarity you couldn't see before.
“Eastern and Western thought” are categories that describe this paradox. Do you want to open your mind to see a bigger perspective? Let’s embrace both sides and find the sweet spot that embraces bigger possibilities.

    I believe you.

    Have you ever been to a doctor and been told that you were imagining something or that you should just get over it? I hear these stories all the time.
    Since you’ve been in your body your whole life, no one knows you better than you.
    Under my care and instruction, I will always respect your intuition and your story as it unfolds.
    Because the connection to your Deep Knowing is the goal and the prize of the work we do together.
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      What is Holistic Resilience?

      Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
      Difficulties like the communal strain many of us feel now and the demands for which we are being called. Resilience is a reflection of dynamic health which is able to repair daily damage and maintain balance in your system.
      Holistic means we pay attention to your ecosystem and what balances it; mentally and physically.
      Rooted in self-awareness and resourced in community, Holistic Resilience opens you to Grace.
      The intention is to support your recovery from overwhelm or illness, and ultimately to regain access to your well-being and inner happiness...

      When practicing this process we support...

      • freedom from self sabotage
      • empowered healing
      • your calm, centered nervous system
      • Maybe it doesn't have to be a struggle! It just takes some special skills and support.

        Here’s to the journey of transformation,


        Julia Thie

        Clinical Hypnotherapist
        Gene Key Guide
        Wellness Educator