3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now

3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now

The vagus nerve is the longest and strongest cranial nerve you have. It wanders through your body telling you how to respond.

Directly affecting your heart rate, stress response, digestion and your immune system intelligence, this nerve is one of the biggest keys to mind body healing I know of!

Watch this 8 minute video to learn the 3 exercises that change the way you:

  • Approach challenges
  • Improve cellular recognition and healing of cancer
  • Relieve IBS symptoms and improve absorption of nutrients

The vagus nerve governs your alarms (fight-or-flight) and even more importantly, switches you back over into your healing response (rest-and-digest).

Are you in fight-or-flight or rest-and-digest response right now?

Many people spend way too much time in fight-or-flight (heart racing, shallow breathing, hyper-alert). It can even be more subtle than that- just an underlying restlessness or worry can indicate your are in this state.

It’s as if you are stuck in the “on” position and can’t turn it “off”.

Let me show you how to get into your rest and digest mode.

Let’s get ahead of the curve and prevent illness before it starts!

Let me ask you this:

Why do you “shake it off” when something bothers you?

Why do we chant “Om” in yoga classes, sing in church, or sing full out in the car?

Why do you say you feel “centered” when you are feeling well?

Watch this video to get the answers to those questions and perform 3 quick exercises to strengthen your nervous system to switch back into your healing state.

What two words describe how that made you feel? Join us in my closed Facebook Group, Wellness Warriors, and let me know – or ask questions! I’m here to help you find your tone!