The #1 Cause of Anxiety, Depression, & ADD


Disconnection is the cause of anxiety, and it causes a lack of mental and physical resilience.

(Read that line again…that’s a big statement)

Listen here to learn two simple tools for getting re-connected and de-stressed!

Dining Room Table Talks is an interactive podcast where we get to explore and discuss what wellness means to you.

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Let’s explore wellness experiences together in our everyday lives.

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  1. Thank you, Julia……love the analogy of the tree branch connecting to the big tree trunk….reminds me to stay grounded to the earth and to remember I am strong and stress will not break me. While writing this I am looking at the solid mountain outside my window and it teaches me to not be so permeable to stress. The wind is blowing through a sugar maple. It bends the branches but it does not break them……they flow back to where they belong…the flutter of the leaves is carefree and peaceful. It made me smile.

    Thank you for this wonderful lesson and blessing…..it is transformational.



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