Do You Have a Clutter Allergy?

What is a “Clutter Allergy”? Do you have one?

Do you find yourself irritated, blocked, or just plain weighed down?!

Do you have something in your life you just know is toxic, but can’t get it gone?!

In this video, I explain what this allergy looks like, how to identify if you have one, and how to deal with it.

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  1. I was just thinking the other day that everything I have is both a blessing and “curse” at times. Sometimes caring for everything is an “irritant”; other times it is a blessing. Maggie is a good example. She is a senior dog, deaf, mostly blind and with cognitive canine disorder but otherwise healthy. She has accidents, she has to be coaxed to eat and she can get lost in the house or yard…all at times irritants but other times part of her charm. So, how do I tell which are truly “toxic”?

    I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sending the link. Love, Cheryl

    1. Post

      So true! Our Heart knows (with a capital “H”) …
      You’re very welcome my dear!
      I think it’s the inner-chat difference between “I KNOW I shouldn’t be tolerating this- it’s not good for me”
      “This is a burden right now- I KNOW I need to make some time for myself- or some help.”

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