3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now


The vagus nerve is the longest and strongest cranial nerve you have. It wanders through your body telling you how to respond. Directly affecting your heart rate, stress response, digestion and your immune system intelligence, this nerve is one of the biggest keys to mind body healing I know of! Watch this 8 minute video to learn the 3 exercises …

The Belly Fat Cure

belly fat

Change One Thing, that’s my challenge here. I have seen this work for my clients over and over again! Both of my parents are diabetic. I had to learn a thing or two about managing weight, blood sugar and all the emotional baggage that comes with this condition. Discover the golden nugget I found while digging for cures… (hint, you …


The Bathroom Scale: Friend or Foe?


Let’s just say it – sometimes we get obsessed. Especially when it comes to weight loss. When I get obsessed, I try to spend that focused attention on something worthwhile, and the scale is NOT IT. If you have struggled with weight management, this measuring stick can become your enemy right quick. Trips to the scale become a merry-go-round of excitement and …