3 Exercises to Power Up and De-Stress Right Now


The vagus nerve is the longest and strongest cranial nerve you have. It wanders through your body telling you how to respond. Directly affecting your heart rate, stress response, digestion and your immune system intelligence, this nerve is one of the biggest keys to mind body healing I know of! Watch this 8 minute video to learn the 3 exercises …

One-Minute Wake Up

The coffee isn’t working, sugar makes it worse, and you think, “When will this day be over?”   What a sad question to be asking! Let’s switch that around and ask, “How can I get energized?” Sometimes the answer is so simple… This breathing exercise I’m sharing in this video is the perfect pick-me-up when you need more energy.

Tap Into Action

Are you are wondering where to start on a wellness plan or having trouble taking action? It’s Spring now and we all want to ride the wave of potential that’s in the air. Watch this video to get an easy, fun tool to begin.

Do You Have a Clutter Allergy?

What is a “Clutter Allergy”? Do you have one? Do you find yourself irritated, blocked, or just plain weighed down?! Do you have something in your life you just know is toxic, but can’t get it gone?!

One-Minute Stress Relief

Let me go ahead and give you one of my many tools to get and stay well. Something to begin feeling better now. The symptoms I see people with on a daily basis are much easier to work on when accompanied by a simple meditation practice. (I can hear the groans…I know it seems daunting – I’ve been there.)