Hello, I’m Julia Thie,

I believe your health is governed by two things.
Number one is an inner intelligence that is abundant and larger than our minds can conceive. A vital power that makes the spark of life in each moment. This is not for anyone to give to another, it is everywhere all the time, unconditionally.

The second thing your health is governed by is your relationship to that power. How you polish the “container” it’s in. How you behave, what you believe and the way you engage with the world. This is what you have choice over.

It is my job to ask you the right questions for you to discover your relationship to this innate health is already there (it just needs polishing).

I believe in paradox.
Everything we experience has two sides. If you only care for your physical health, or only care for your emotional and spiritual health, you only get half the results. “Eastern and Western thought” are categories that describe this paradox. Do you want to open your mind to see a bigger perspective of natural medicine? Let’s embrace both sides.

I believe you.
Have you ever been to a medical doctor and been told that you were imagining something? I hear these stories all the time. Since you’ve been in your body your whole life, no one knows you better than you. Your voice matters. Under my care and instruction, I will always respect your intuition and your story.

What I have to offer.
If you are interested, I have my knowledge to convey (and hopefully some reflected wisdom). I have studied and practiced for decades in the medical sciences and natural healing arts. I have taken great effort to consolidate what I’ve learned in my curious journey to benefit your life in a practical and beneficial way.

If this resonates with you at all, I invite you to dip a toe or dive right into all there is in this practice. My staff and I are here to make your experience with us pain relieving and lifechanging.

Here’s to your transformation,

Julia Thie, L.Ac.